Monday, October 6, 2014

Eric Jensen's Newsletter

Several have written to ask about newsletter resources specifically related to child gender differences and learning. I just read Eric Jensen's October 14 newsletter and you may find it a helpful resource.

Here is one excerpt by way of example:  "The differences in sex steroid receptors mean that genders are affected differently by stress. Exposure to early-childhood distress adversely affects the male brain more in learning areas and the female brain more in social-emotional areas (Weinstock, 2007). In short, when bad things happen at home, males are worse at learning. Learning deficits, reductions in hippocampal neurogenesis, memory issues and less dendritic spine density in the prefrontal cortex are seen more commonly occurring in prenatally-stressed males. Females are more likely to report more adverse social and emotional events, which increases risk for stress-related outcomes such as anxiety and depression later in life."

I asked Eric Jensen the easiest way for readers to access his newsletter and received this response:

They can sign up for our newsletter by 

1) sending their name to <>

2) going to our home page at <>

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