Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Etymology and the Brain, 2

Topography. Is it literal or metaphorically? To complicate one’s understanding of topography, the form can be used literally or metaphorically. Used literally, it studies and describes the surface shapes on the earth and other planetary objects. Used metaphorically, it observes an entity and describes the relationship among its components. Here are examples:

“The topography of that country’s economy shows several depressed areas.”
“The topography of that laugh contains dramatic highs and lows.”
“The topography of that curricula is very uneven.”
“That woman’s topography is very eye-catching, to say the least!”
“The topography of that grilled steak leaves plenty of room for sauce!”
“What a ripped topography!”

Figure out ways to use the word to spice up your speech. Have fun with it! More tomorrow.

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