Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aging Perspective and Humor

Yes, things do changed as the brain and body age. It would be downright ludicrous to pretend they don't. However, if more than half the factors that impact aging are within your partial if not complete control, and if 70 percent of how long and how well you live is in your hands--you have a huge role to play. And humor can play a very positive part in healthy aging. Think ahead. Prevent what you can. Identify and manage what you can't prevent. Be serious about life and avoid taking every little think too seriously. Laugh about aging--a lot. Humor is just an exaggeration of real life. It's healthy medicine or at least it helps the medicine go down more easily. The other day I got an email containing definitions for "old." I'd love to know the author but none was listed. Nevertheless, here are a couple definitions and I'll include the rest tomorrow. Enjoy them. Think up some more and send them along--I'd be happy to pass them on. Old is when:

  • Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you are barefoot
  • Your friends mention that your shirt is rather wrinkled and you don't have one on
  • Your doctor cautions you to slow down (instead of the police doing so)
More tomorrow.

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