Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chemobrain, 2

Do you have chemobrain? Do you know someone who does? Take heart. Several studies now indicate that there is likely something you can do about it. That is great news! Study conclusions include:
·         Memory training and speed of processing training are promising treatment options for breast cancer survivors with self-reported cognitive concerns. (Chemobrain.)
·         Speed of processing training also had positive effects on memory performance which warrant further study. Importantly, both interventions also had transfer effects on specific self-reported measures of cognitive function, symptom distress, and quality of life which impact individual functioning and well-being.
·         In addition, both interventions were highly satisfactory/acceptable to breast cancer survivors.
·         These pilot study findings point to the importance of full-scale efficacy testing of these interventions in a larger, more diverse sample of breast cancer survivors, and possibly other cancer survivors.

There’s one caveat: you are the only one who can do it! Start now!

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