Friday, April 8, 2016

Choose Gratitude

Worry and anxiety can become chronic and turn into a life-long style of thinking. Unfortunately, they rarely help anything and can even diminish your brain's ability to brainstorm and problem solve effectively. Take charge and break that cycle. (Likely that’s one reason the Apostle Paul admonishes his readers to be ‘anxious for nothing’.) The moment you become aware of a fearful, worried, or anxious thought, quickly decide if you are in danger. If yes, take steps to keep yourself safe. If no, immediately think of something for which to be grateful and picture fear leaving the stage and joy coming to on stage to stand with you. Develop good stress-management techniques, take walks and exercise, breathe deeply, initiate the Quieting Reflex, take time to laugh and have fun. Choose gratitude, the antidote to fear, worry, and anxiety—and save your brain!

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