Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Your Brain Assistants

Picture your brain stage in your mind's eye. There is a waiting room on each side of your ‘brain stage’ in which three of your four personal assistants can wait for their time on the stage with you--your four core emotions. Although you are on the stage of your brain every moment of your entire life, only one assistant at a time is on stage with you. Ideally, the specific assistant on stage at any one time is the one best suited to the task or situation at hand. Joy is the assistant you want with you most of the time—because it is the only emotion assistant that has no negative consequences when maintained over time. Should you personal boundaries get invaded, anger will bound onto the stage and send Joy back to the wings, staying on stage as long as you hang onto anger. As soon as you get the message anger is trying to give you and resolve the issue, anger retreats to the ‘waiting room’ and joy returns to the stage. More tomorrow.

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