Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Your Brain's ‘Broadway Stage’

The emotion of fear is designed to alert you to situations of actual danger so you can do whatever possible to protect yourself and help keep those you love safe. (Sometimes that is possible and sometimes it isn’t.) Shakespeare has been quoted as saying that all the world is a stage and we are only players. In a sense, your brain is a stage and you are the major player. You are ‘on stage’ in your brain for as long as you live. Create a picture in your mind’s eye of the stage in your brain. Since money is no object when you are doing active mental picturing, you can make your ‘brain stage’ simple or elaborate, as you wish. Mine is constructed from Carrara marble, much like what I saw in Italy. Of course, there are also Corinthian pillars in 24-karat gold and so on. More tomorrow.

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