Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Past Present, Future - 2

If I become aware that my brain is ruminating about the past, I quickly ascertain whether I have a learned any lesson related to that past event. If yes, my favorite saying is:  ‘Arlene, is what it is. You learned a lesson. Let it go.’ If not, then I say: 'Arlene, identify the lesson that you need to learn through that event.' On the other hand, if my brain appears to be worrying about something in the future, I recognize that as a shade of fear. In that case, I will immediately select something for which I am grateful. ‘Arlene, you are making good choices today that give you positive outcomes. Today I am grateful for __________.’ Sometimes I need to say it several times but often just once does it. When the brain realizes that you are serious and are taking responsibilities for your thoughts, it gets in gear to help you evaluate the future concern, brainstorm options, and accomplish what you want to have happen, or decide to let it go as unrealistic. 

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