Monday, July 18, 2016

Improve Your Intuition

In his book Answers for Aristotle, Massimo Pigliucci pointed out that research on intuition has clearly shown is that it is a domain-specific ability. This means that a person can be very intuitive about one thing but just like an average person about other things. Intuition can improve with practice. To use it effectively, however, intuition needs to be combined with rational thought and analysis. 
  •          Take a walk. Sometimes intuitive thoughts will surface or solutions to problems pop up.
  •          Learn to recognize and pick up on changes in your body quickly. If suddenly your body signals a sense of uneasiness, ask yourself what that dis-ease is trying to tell you.

  •  Pay attention to your hunch and evaluate it. Does it fit within your moral values? Is there some way it could benefit you? Take a small step in that direction if it appears to be safe and evaluates where it leads.

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