Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sensing Intuition

You may be able to experience intuition in several different ways, directly or indirectly. For example you may:

  • ·         Have a strong impression that you need to take a specific action immediately

  • ·         Perceive an internal mental picture about something only to recognize it in reality some time later on

  • ·         Mentally ‘hear’ or sense that you need to stop something that you are currently doing
  • ·         May experience a strong physical sense in your body as an aversion toward or an affinity to something or someone
  • ·         Experience a flash of insight or perceive a solution to a problem when you are day-dreaming or doing an unrelated task
  • ·         Dream about something literally or symbolically, in which case you would need to ponder the symbols and sort out what the dream might be trying to tell you.

Some suggest that when you dream about people you know, the dream is really about characteristics in those individuals that also apply to you, positive or negative, which gives you the opportunity to evaluate your behaviors and course correct as necessary.

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