Friday, July 22, 2016

Sixth Sense of Intuitive Knowing

Intuition is believed housed in the right frontal lobe or at least directed by that cerebral division-so every ‘normal’ human brain contains the mental faculty of intuition (although not everyone chooses to hone the skills it represents). Some say there is a sixth sense of intuitive knowing that is often seen in females because of the global way in which their brains are wired.

According to neuroscientist Beatrice de Gelder PhD, humans all process things that they’re not consciously aware of—it’s a sensation of ‘knowing.’ Because humans are also so dependent on a sense of sight they are not used to trusting their internal intuitive vision track. 

Joy Hirsch PhD, director of the fMRI Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center has been reported as saying, “If you find yourself in a situation that’s making you feel nervous, you may have spotted a reason for concern without even knowing it. Pay attention to the sensation.” You may want to take another look at your intuition and start building skills.

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