Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Alpha as Partner

As one person put it: Over the last fifty years women have become more powerful in the workplace—but the divorce rate has also risen. Interestingly, estimates are that 70% of divorce actions currently are initiated by females. The reason? I doubt anyone really knows. However, a contributing factor may be that an alpha female has had to learn to make decisions and take charge. Often in the work world she is “he “boss.” This pattern may not work so well in one’s personal life, however, which becomes a real dichotomy and challenge for many alpha females. How does one “be in charge during 10-hour days at work six days a week” and then suddenly “flip that coin at home?” It’s not easy, as many women who have partnered with an alpha male understand. And the kicker is, males are often attracted to alpha females in the dating world and then want something else once they marry. More tomorrow.

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