Friday, December 22, 2017

Altering Beliefs

According to Neurotheologians like Andrew Newberg, MD, even what constitutes a proof about something is itself a form of belief. Beliefs are susceptible to alterations especially in the presence of authoritarian as well as family and/or peer-group pressure. If the pressure becomes to great some “run away” from the environment. They may leave a specific culture behind for another part of the world or relocate in order to join a specific culture. The human brain, especially the left frontal lobe of the cerebrum, is always trying to come up with reasons for things and is very susceptible to deceptions and illusions. Studies have shown that neither child nor adult brains have a well-developed capacity to distinguish the accuracy of their beliefs; adults are particularly vulnerable in terms of maintaining self-deceptive beliefs. Therefore, in addition to identifying your beliefs, it is important to know your reasons for keeping, altering, or discarding a belief.

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