Friday, December 1, 2017

Intellectual Humility, 9

It’s interesting to observe the presence—or absence—of Intellectual Humility in politics, religion, business, gender relationships, and families (to name just a few). Exacerbated and compounded no doubt (my brain’s opinion), by the presence or absence of high levels of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. One only has to notice the ancient and continuing animosity between evolutionists and creationists; the endless racial intolerance—even though human brains are all are the same color; the ongoing ecclesiastical disputes about the position of females in religion and the “ordination of women;” to say nothing of the rigid certainty that “marriage” must be between a 46-XX and a 46-XY chromosomal pattern only—despite the fact that chromosomal patterns ranging from 45 to 49 have been identified. More tomorrow.

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