Friday, February 1, 2019

Dehydration & the Interstitium

You may recall that estimates are that the human body resembles the ratio of water and solids on Planet Earth, in that approximately 75 percent of the human body is fluid and 25 percent involves solid matter. Dehydration alters this ratio toward solid material, which is not good for health and longevity. Some studies have estimated that the average American over the age of 55 is “dehydrated” and does not drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis to “fund” all the needs for fluids in the brain and body. Seeing that interstitial fluid may account for 20 percent of the fluid in the human body, it will be interesting to follow research to determine what impact dehydration has on the Interstitium. Because Interstitium contains fluid-filled compartments, and since interstitial fluid appears to create lymph fluid, hydration may be critically important to this “body organ” or groups of tissues.

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