Thursday, February 28, 2019

DID and the Brain, 4

According to Wikipedia, The book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, authored by Robert Louis Stevenson, has become famous for its portrayal of a split personality in both lay and scientific literature. There may be multiple causes but generally they are thought to involve social, biological and environmental factors during childhood years (below the age of 9), including the earlier mentioned severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, as well as possible results from persistent neglect of a child, child labor, and events that result in posttraumatic stress disorders. Treatment from medical professionals known to be well versed in DID has been advised. The symptoms may last several years or for the person’s entire life, although effective treatment may moderate this. The goal is to help all the identities or alters to merge and integrate instead of acting independently of each other. How do some describe these differing alters? More tomorrow.

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