Thursday, June 13, 2019

Answer for EQ Question Three

Answer for  EQ Question Three

ü Help the person and also comment about the need to speak louder or slower or more distinctly

Laughing at a disability incident is demeaning and unkind to the person and role-models your own lack of empathy. Simply repeating the phrase so the person gets it may help that one incident but does nothing to prevent it happening again (if it is possible to prevent it). Making a comment that suggests the need to speak louder or slower or more distinctly role-models a higher level of EQ. You not only help the person in the present moment but do something to prevent similar reoccurrences in the future and that shows empathy for the person and understanding of how an inability to clearly hear something can prevent the person from participating fully or even accurately. Not everyone will choose to follow your suggestion but you have taking the higher road and some may think about it. It is important HOW you make the suggestion. You might just repeat the phrase and then say to the person: “I will make an effort to speak a little louder (or more slowly, or more distinctly).

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