Monday, June 3, 2019

Emotional Sensitivity

Emotional sensitivity is like an early warning system that allowing you to pick up on potential conflict and problems before either escalates into a tornado of emotion. Emotional sensitivity help you to:

Respond appropriately to emotional stimuli of low intensity (e.g., you don’t need to be hit over the head with high intensity levels of emotion to get your attention)

Be empathetic (empathy differs from sympathy. Sympathy is the ability to care about and understand the suffering of others. Empathy goes beyond sympathy, and permits you to experience the feelings of another person at some level. Both words are often used--incorrectly as being interchangeable--but they differ subtly in their emotional meaning)

Experienced improved interpersonal relationships; you tend to      live at ‘joy’ and are not knocked down by the choices of others)

Communicate positively with positive emotion (mindset, self-talk, affirmation-style of speaking)

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