Friday, December 13, 2019

Adult Sleepwalking, 13

Results of Dr. Dauvilliers’ research:

     22.8 percent of sleepwalkers studied presented with nightly episodes
     43.5 percent presented with weekly episodes.
     58 percent had a positive history of violent sleep related behaviors was found in 58 percent
     17 percent with violent sleep-related behaviors had experienced at least one episode involving injuries to the sleepwalker or to the bed partner that required medical care.

The injuries that were reported related to sleep walking included, bruises, nose bleeds, and fractures (one participant had sustained multiple fractures and serious head trauma after jumping out of a third-floor window.” According to the lead researcher, “Sleepwalking is an underdiagnosed condition that may be clearly associated with daytime consequences and mood disturbances leading to a major impact on quality of lifeThe burden of sleepwalking in adults needs to be highlighted and emphasized.”

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