Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Day!

It’s the 25th and here in my house,
There’s gratitude—no fires to dowse.

There might be a mouse that’s creeping around,
But way down the hill where the grasses abound.

Stockings still hang from the mantle, I see
Now that lights are back onand happy are we!

The sun’s shining through a light misting of rain,
And the temperature really is quite humane.

Delightful odors of food in the air,
Ensure we’ll enjoy our holiday fare.

Deliberately add to your memory’s store,
With hugs and fun and laughter galore.

Because in the end—and time goes by fast—
The love of true friends is what really does last.  

Wherever you are and whatever you do,
I’m sending good wishes from me to you.

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