Monday, April 27, 2020

Age-Proof Your Brain - Sleep, 2

Studies about  the brain and sleep have revealed some interesting facts. Here are a few examples.

a) The loss of one hour per night of sleep for many nights has subtle cognitive costs that appear to go unrecognizedd by the sleep-deprived individual. More severe loss of sleep for a week leds to profound cognitive deficits similiar to those seen in some stroke patients, which also appear to go unrecognized by the individual. -University of Kansas 

b)   New evidence shows that sleep is essential to mood, memory, cognitive performance, creativity, immune function, weight management, and longevity. Each brain has an optimum amount of sleep  that it needs on a daily basis. Infants generally require about 16 hours, teenagers 9, and most adults 7 to 8 hours.   -National Sleep Foundation

c)   A side-sleeping position seems to improve clearance of wastes from the brain.                 Stony Brook University

More tomorrow.

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