Monday, April 6, 2020

Brain & Prosopagnosia

Q: Have you ever heard of a brain condition called prosopagnosia?

Yes. Interesting word, prosopagnosia. It means to search. meaning to search. I read “The man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” written by neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks. Great read—if you are as interested in brain function as I am! As I recall, a patient who had developed prosopagnosia didn’t recognize his wife when she came to visit him in the hospital. Naturally this was disconcerting to them both! Since object recognition was unimpaired, the doctor asked the patient’s wife to always wear a specific hat when she visited. It worked. In another case, the patient had voice recognition ability so the individual was taught to say something aloud right away so the patient could recognize who ws talking to him. Reportedly, Oliver Sacks himself suffered from prosopagnosia, although he did not know this for much of his life. More tomorrow

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