Monday, April 13, 2020

Brain & Prosopagnosia, 6

My brain’s opinion is that an accurate diagnosis as early in life as possible is important. This can form the basis for teaching people about face blindness and making a game of helping them recognize specific facial features rather than just the overall composite, and other ways of recognition. Certainly, how to talk about it in a neutral and unashamed manner. Every brain has some challenge.

Knowing this has been of great value to me several times when a person I thought would recognize me did not. It would have been easy to do a JOT behavior: jump to conclusions that were way out in left field, overreact and possibly burn a relationship bridge, and take it personally. AAA replacement behaviors, and knowing a bit about prosopagnosia, allowed me to ask questions, act calmly while I processed the information, and reframe the incident so I did not take it personally.

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