Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Age-Proof Your Brain - Sleep, 3

Did you know that a lack of sleep increases the risk of exhibiting dysfunctional behaviors? According to studies at the University of Michigan, “The brain’s pre-frontal cortex contains complex executive functions related to emotional control, decision making, and social behavior. Sleep deprivation may lead to aggressive or bullying behaviors, delinquency, or even substance abuse.”  

Eve Van Cauter has pointed out that loss of sleep results in chemical changes that deplete the immune system (something you would be wise to prevent if at all possible, especially during epidemics and pandemics!), increase growth of fat rather than muscle, accelerate the aging process and memory impairment, increase the risk for depression, and are linked with bone and cardiovascular tissue damage.

I like the way Robert Ornstein, PhD, and David Sobel MD, put it: “The reward of sleep is often recognized by its absence.”

More tomorrow.

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