Monday, April 20, 2020

M-F Immune System Differences

I digress from the blogs on Sleep to answer this question and will soon get back to how sleep matters.

The news says that while more females than males catch this coronavirus, a larger percentage of males die. What’s that about?

In a word, gender differences in immune system function. Do you remember studying about your genome and chromosomes in high school or college? If not, here is a bit of biology. If yes, it’s just a refresher. The average female has 23 pairs of chromosomes (for a total of 46) that she got from her biological parents. One of each pair coming from her mother and one of each pair coming from her father. You might say that 22 pairs are regular, and one pair are sex chromosomes. Since females have two “X” chromosomes, the child will always get an “X” from its mother.
More tomorrow.

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