Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Application of the 20:80 Rule

Epictetus supposedly said that only 20 percent of negative stress to the brain and body can be attributed to the event or situation. An estimated 80 percent of the negative stress to one’s brain and body results from what you think about the event or situation, the importance you give to it, and the weight you place upon it. While you may not be able to do anything about the event or situation and its 20 percent contribution, you can do everything about the 80 percent because your brain creates it. The question then becomes: can you do anything about the polarization and systemic racism—except for role-modeling the opposite in your own life? Likely, the answer is no. Even legislation must be accepted, embraced, and acted out individually to make a serious difference. The second question is: can you do anything about the 80 percent? Likely, the answer is a definite yes. Think of polarization and systemic racism as your 20 percent. You decide what you will do about the 80 percent. If you have taken the 12-week Longevity Lifestyle Matters Online course, you already know that everything starts in the brain with a mindset and self-talk. https://arlenetaylor.org/llm-online   

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