Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Optimism Linked with Longevity

According to Professor Karen Hooker, study co-author: “Kids as young as 4 years old already have negative stereotypes about old people. Then, of course, if you are lucky enough to live to old age, they eventually apply to you. People need to realize that some of the negative health consequences in later life might not be biologically driven. The mind and the body are all interwoven. If you believe these bad things are going to happen, over time that can erode people’s willingness or maybe even eventually their ability to engage in those health behaviors that are going to keep them as healthy as they can be.” Optimistic people tend to be more positive about aging. They resist typical aging stereotypes. They picture themselves living longer with good mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual (the spirit with which you live life) health. I believe the 20:80 Rule can apply to aging processes, as well. Naturally, some diminution in some abilities may be expected. Think of that as your 20 percent. Your mindset, self-talk, level of optimism, and your chosen lifestyle are your 80 percent. You choose what you do with the 80 percent. If you need a boost with this, check Longevity Lifestyle Matters Online.


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