Monday, February 1, 2021

Depression: polarization & systemic racism

I would like to live a good long life. I really would,
However, I am finding it difficult to think positively about what is happening in our cities, states, and country. Fires and floods I can understand. Polarization and systemic racism I cannot understand. In fact, I think I am bordering on depression. What can I do?

First, if you are depressed, I encourage you to speak with a good counselor as you may benefit at least temporarily from some medication. Second, to comment on what you can do, let me begin by remind you of a 20:80 Rule. It derives from a perspective attributed to a 2nd Century Greek slave that turned into a philosopher. According to Wikipedia, Epictetus was born into slavery. As a teenager he was owned by a secretary to Nero. Apparently, the lad was interested in philosophy and could study it. There is uncertainty about what led to his becoming crippled. Some said his owner broke is leg when Epictetus tries to run away. Others say it was an accident. Whatever, it seems he was freed when Nero died. Epictetus continued to pursue his interest in philosophy. He reportedly had a scribe who took notes, it being difficult to navigate with a crutch and write notes himself. More tomorrow.

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