Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Relational Brain

Whatever else describes the human brain, “relationality” is a key component. The brain is believed to be relational organ with other human beings and nature. How does one be relational without getting sucked into a dysfunctional herd mentality? Perhaps first and foremost it requires personal learning and thoughtful reflection with the goal to deciding what you will and will not do in life. Choose to affiliate carefully. Like-minded individuals reinforce one another’s viewpoints. The bigger the group the more likely that high emotionality could overpower rationality and logical thinking. Group “think” can reinforce the opinion of each group member making it more likely to just follow the herd whatever it is doing and wherever it is leading. Carefully select the individuals with whom you spend the most time. Gradually, even the most destructive behaviors can somehow seem “normal.” The word normal can be defined as typical or a common occurrence. In an environment where specific behaviors commonly occur, they can take on a veneer of “normality.” You cannot change anyone but yourself. Do your own research and be open to considering additional information as it arises. If uncertain about whether something is right for you, be willing to stand out, even if you stand alone. 

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