Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brain-Body Communication

The healing process continues to amaze me. Every day I notice ways in which my body is not only healing but also trying to make me aware of what is happening. For example, it may be a bruise that is slightly lighter in color or edema that is smaller in size or a muscle that screamed during rehab yesterday and is only shouting today or a range of motion that is just a bit expanded or a reduced need for pain medication. I read an article a while back that suggested your brain and body appreciate knowing that you not only recognize what they are doing but also like to hear you say "thank you." That was a new concept. For years I've thumped my thymus gland every morning and thanked it for keeping my immune system healthy. But thank my brain and body for healing? Hmmm. I decided I'd try it. After rehab this morning I said aloud:  "I really appreciate the way you are helping me recover from surgery. Thank you for showing me some progress every day, which helps me stay focused and positive. Life is good and my health is excellent." I'm gaining an expanded appreciation of the exponential progress that a coordinated team effort can make. Me, my brain, and my body.

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