Friday, April 26, 2013

Longevity and Location

Is there any correlation between length of life and where you live? According to 2007 data released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the answer is yes—for females. Of course, study results are really about “in general” and “on average,” which means that the data may not apply to a specific woman. Nevertheless, there appears to be a difference in longevity based on location in the United States. According to the study data, the top ten locations in terms of longevity for women are (#1 being highest and some ties):

#1 Hawaii

#2 Minnesota

#3 California

#4 Florida

#4 New York

#6 Arizona

#6 North Dakota

#8 Massachusettes

#8 South Dakota

#10 Connecticut

Here’s the URL if you want to check out other locations.

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