Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laugh and Last

Studies have shown that the person who laughs, lasts. In other words, a good sense of humor and using that to trigger mirthful laughter can provide many therapeutic effects on the body. It’s one of the strategies to help retard the onset of symptoms of aging. Every normal brain is believed to be born with the ability to develop a sense of humor. Not everyone chooses to hone those skills, however. Some have developed a good sense of humor and yet fail to exhibit mirthful laughter, saying things instead such as, “That was funny,” or ‘That was hysterical.” Those comments, however, are not particularly helpful to brain and body unless accompanied by mirthful laughter. Different people find different things funny. Identify what your brain finds funny and then expand the list. The more things your brain finds funny, the more opportunities for you to choose mirthful laughter.

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