Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mind and Consciousness

Researchers may never actually discover just how the brain creates the mind and which one (or both) impacts conscious versus unconscious thought. There are some interesting pieces being discussed currently, however. It appears that the human brain creates "the mind," so called. It also appears that "consciousness" represents a very small portion of what really goes on in the brain. It may be just the tip of the iceberg, per se, and the bulk of everything else lies hidden beneath the surface. (According to Dr. Candace Pert, the entire body is part of the subconscious.) Another researcher described the brain-mind interaction by comparing it to traffic and vehicles, saying that traffic is caused by vehicles. However, that traffic can also contrain vehicles. Complex and cognitively challening to understand. So, using this description, the physical brain creates the mind, including the portion that we refer to as consciousness (the ability to be aware of what is going on inside the human organism in the internal environment--at least to some degree--as well as what is happening outside the human organism in the external environment). And much like the vehicle-traffic metaphor, the mind (once created) is actually able to constrain the brain (the very organ that created the mind). Hmmmm.

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