Monday, October 21, 2013

Alzheimer's and Your Brain, part IV

Many people would be willing to implement preventive strategies in their lifestyle if there was a chance these strategies could help them avoid Alzheimer’s or retard the onset of symptoms. Fortunately, research has identified some of these preventive strategies; strategies that have shown the plasticity of the brain and its capacity for healing. In fact, some believe that your brain is the greatest healing organ on the planet. How do you tap into your brain’s healing abilities? By getting serious about developing and implement healthier nutritional and lifestyle choices. Here are a few strategies that have been recommended:

  • Avoid refined sugar in whatever form you find it
  • Make sure you obtain adequate amounts of B12 and Vitamin D3
  • Minimize the use of gluten and simple carbohydrates (bread, pasta)
  • Increase the intake of vegetables making sure some are raw
  • Move toward embracing a Mediterranean style of nutritional intake
  • Include healthy fats such as coconut oil, olives and virgin olive oil, nuts such as pecans and other raw or dry-roasted nuts, avocado, and so on
  • Minimize saturated fats, red meats, the skin on chicken, and fried foods, etc.

Part V of VI tomorrow

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