Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gender Differences #2

The human brain apparently isn’t designed to multi-task effectively. Nevertheless, females have learned to use rapidly alternating shifts of attention in order to get done what they perceive they need to get done. Not only that, female brains often juggle between two, three, or four unrelated topics. Females can talk about several differing topics in one conversation and use multiple voice tones to emphasize points in the discussion or even to change the subject. According to Allan and Barbara Pease’s book: The Definitive Book of Body Language, males often have difficulty even identifying these voice tones. What does this mean? Males may lose the plot when communicating with females. In many cultures, females provide most of the childcare. Obviously, at least for the first few years, the mother or other female care-provider must rely on nonverbals to communicate with the child. Thus they learn to read body signals early on. These experiences probably help females to hone their perceptive abilities, sometimes referred to as women’s intuition.

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