Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Future of Longevity

Have you heard of the New America Foundation (www.newamerica.net)?  It is an American non-profit, nonpartisan public policy institute and think tank. Last Friday they held a meeting in Washington DC entitled “The Future of Longevity.” According to the advertised promo:

Human longevity is drastically increasing. In the coming years, it seems possible that we will live out our extra years or even decades in vitality and good health. But will we be able to keep pace? In an age of rapid technological and scientific progress, our communities, politics, and economic institutions are underprepared for the coming challenge of longer human lives. If the average lifespan extends to 100 or even 150, what will it mean for marriage, the work force, and personal financial planning? What about the economy and entitlement programs? How can we plan now for increased human longevity and its inevitable impact on society and policy?

Good questions!

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