Thursday, October 31, 2013

Self-Driving Vehicles

According to John Markoff  in an article in The New York Times,  Mobileye Vision Technologies has created a self-driving system for an Audi A7 car. Reportedly this self-driving system is capable of driving in a single lane at freeway speeds, as well as identifying traffic lights and automatically slowing, stopping and then returning to highway speeds. But by blending advanced computer-vision techniques with low-cost video cameras, the company is hoping to demonstrate how quickly autonomous driving can be commercialized without the expense of laser range-finders called lidars and other advanced systems. I'm thinking about how that would actually work. Would you, as the driver, be using your brain to just read a book or watch a movie on your iPad or would you still need your brain to monitor what the self-driving system was doing? Whatever, this technology may be available sooner than expected . . .

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