Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alzheimer's and Your Brain, part V

Studies have shown that to a large degree individuals who exhibited very little cognitive-function decline prior to death showed brains on post-mortem that had few, if any, brain lesions. This is good news in that it appears possible to prevent brain damage at least for most people and to a large degree. One of the best prevention strategies is to create and live a high-level-healthiness lifestyle. Two key prevention strategies are:

  1.  Physical exercise – physical exercise has been shown to benefit the brain in a myriad of different ways. It can increase the rate of blood flow through the brain, bringing helpful micronutrients to the neurons and glial cells and removing toxic substances and waste products. During the course of each week do some resistance exercises, balance exercises, and aerobic exercises (moderate levels of exercise interspersed with spurts of more energetic exercise may be the most effective). Walking, swimming, biking, and so on can be helpful. Do whatever you can and do something every day.

  1. Mental exercise – challenge your brain daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. Learn something new, solve brain-aerobic exercises, and so on. I joined www.Lumosity.com  You may want to access the hundreds of free brain-aerobic exercises available on my website  www.arlenetaylor.org  Read aloud for ten minutes every day. Do something and start now! These exercises are believed to help strengthen your brain and may prevent some of the tangles associated with Alzheimer’s or perhaps help your brain to be more resistant to them. The brain loves variety and novelty. Travel, read, play games, socialize, volunteer . . . the sky is the limit for options.

Part VI of VI tomorrow

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