Monday, September 1, 2014

Brain Gender Differences

Did you know that Connectome studies have identified more than 100 “connection differences” between male and female brains? Misunderstood, these differences often lead to frustration, miscommunication, and even conflict. For example, males often want to “do” relationships rather than “talk them out.” Two males can spend the day doing an activity together (e.g., biking, hiking, fishing) and say little, if anything, to each other verbally. And when they get home, both perceive they had a great day. Females on the other hand, connect through conversation and just “doing” an activity without any conversation seems somehow less satisfying. What’s the take away? If females are with other females, there will likely be a lot of verbal conversation. When males are with other males, there will likely be very little verbal conversation. When a male and a female are doing something together, the male needs to converse more than he would if with another male, while the female needs to not expect as much conversation as she would have with another female. Part 2 tomorrow.

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