Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gender Brain Differences, 3

When conversing with each other, females often stand or sit directly across from each other and use a great deal of eye contact. Because they are so comfortable doing this, they have a tendency to tell males to “look at me when I’m talking to you.” When conversing with each other, males rarely stand or sit directly across from each other by choice, and use very little direct eye contact. This means that males often feel threatened by a female demanding that they look at her during a conversation. This is especially true during emotion-laden conversations. The take away? Females, stop telling males to look at you when you are talking with them. And as a basic rule, the more emotionally-laden the topic, the more useful it is for a male and a female to sit or stand side-by-side, rather than directly across from each other. Talking while doing something active, such as taking a walk or washing the dishes or weeding a garden patch can also be helpful, because the mutual activity functions as a de-stressor. Part 4 tomorrow.

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