Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gender Brain Differences, 2

Females tend to connect with others through a conversation about emotions and feelings even before they actually become involved in an activity (e.g., how their day went, problems that cropped up, their feelings). Males tend to connect with others through jokes and teasing and find it easier to discuss facts (e.g., the weather, the stock market, the latest vehicle recall, and what happened with the latest vehicle or plane crash). They find it more difficult to verbalize emotions and feelings. What’s the take away? Know that your female friends will likely be comfortable talking about how they “feel” about something that has happened to them or that is going on in the world at the moment. Your male friends, on the other hand, likely will not and are more likely to be more comfortable talking about things, and data, and sharing jokes or teasing. Remember, females, most males rarely spend the time and energy teasing someone they really don’t like or sharing jokes with them. So if they tell you a joke or tease you (appropriately, of course), recognize they are trying to connect with you.  Part 3 tomorrow.

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