Thursday, April 19, 2018

“I am sorry” vs “I regret” – 2

Here is a different scenario. I visit friends and on entering the room I rather carelessly throw my jacket toward the couch, miss the couch, and hit the lamp instead—which falls to the floor and shatters. The appropriate response is, “I am so sorry. Please let me replace the lamp for you.” This indicates that you acknowledge what happened and are taking responsibility for the accident and are willing to do whatever you can to make amends. The subconscious interpretation of these two different phrases is so strong in most cultures that when an individual, for example, must go to court as a witness, the attorney will often caution the person NOT to use the phrase “I am sorry for what happened,” etc. Otherwise this may be interpreted by the other attorney as the individual not only acknowledging what happened but also taking responsibility for it. More tomorrow

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