Friday, April 20, 2018

“I am sorry” vs “I regret” – 3

Research into male-female differences suggest that females frequently say “I’m sorry” when they had nothing to do with triggering the accident or causing the mistake. Conversely, males often fail to say “I’m sorry” when their actions did trigger the accident or cause the mistake. Functional behaviors indicate that it is important to take responsibility for something when your behaviors contributed to it but to careful avoid acting as if you are taking responsibility through the words you use when and if your actions did not contribute. By the same token, only take responsibility for your portion of the contribution. Meaning, you may have done something that contributed to the accident or mistake but only to a portion of it. Be careful and clear to take responsibility for and attempt to make reparation or restitution for only the portion for which you were responsible. To do otherwise may mean that you could be viewed as responsible for things that you did not cause or contribute to.

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