Thursday, July 16, 2020

Age-Proofing Your Brain – Plasticity, 2

Lack of flexibility frequently triggers reactions rather than thoughtful solution-based responses. This type of unattractive (and usually unhelpful) rigidity may be seen in a variety of oppressive regimes—countries, organizations, and even family systems. Be very clear that the ability to be flexible by no means implies that you are a wishy-washy person without your own opinions, beliefs, standards, or boundaries. In today’s world, with its fast-changing pace and ever-increasing types of technologies, flexibility is essential for your own welfare. It’s critical for the overall welfare of humanity and the planet, as well. 
Thanks to brain plasticity, mental flexibility allows you to:

·        Adapt to change fairly easily and not be thrown off
·        Brainstorm solutions to problems
·        See multiple perspectives
·        Tolerate some uncertainty and ambiguity
·        Take calculated risks
·        Think practically as well as innovatively
More Tomorrow.

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