Thursday, July 30, 2020

Aphantasia, 4

On the ride home from school that day, my father said, “Close your eyes. Nod when you see the Vibes in your mind’s eye.” I could not see a thing. “Do you remember when you first saw the Vibes standing in the living room?” he asked. I did. “Well, replay that picture in your mind’s eye.” I nodded. “Okay. Turn it on, pick up your mallets, and play.” It was a strange feeling to “see” the mallets in each hand. They were not as clear as a photograph, but I could see them. Moreover, I could hear the sound of the song I was learning to play. “Oh, I made a mistake,” I said. “So correct it and go on,” was his response. A few more minutes passed. “Oops, I dropped a mallet. Now what?” He laughed. “Pick it up, just as you would at home and continue.” I ‘saw’ myself pick up the mallet and reposition it in my hand. Whenever I was being transported somewhere in the car, I would close my eyes and ‘practice’ playing the Vibes. Over time, it became easier and easier. The picture in my mind’s eye is never a crystal clear as in person or even in a photograph, but it certainly is doable. More tomorrow.

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