Thursday, August 27, 2020

Pandemic "Parenting," 3

The human brain is a relational brain. Prior to the pandemic I am guessing the kids were at school interacting with their friends. Social media can have a downside for sure if it is overused for long periods of time and if the user starts thinking everyone else has more than he or she does. Chatting with friends at home by cell phone, however, can help the relational brain to feel less alone. There are many entities that are working diligently to release products that children can watch while at home. By all means block internet access for some things. However, there are many excellent YouTube presentations. I just uploaded four sets of videos they might like on my Brain Talk channel. ( - click on Brain Talk in the upper left corner of the home page). Try to make this pandemic time as fun and pleasant as possible. Put yourself in their place? How happy and content would you be? Or is this the type of atmosphere in which you grew up and figure if you survived, so could they? Humans tend to do to others as they have been done to—unless they make a different choice. You can create a different path if you choose to do so. Your choice will impact you and your children for the rest of your lives.

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