Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Narcissism and Bigotry

I’ve heard more about narcissism lately and wonder if it is related in any way to bigotry?

 More and more questions are being raised about narcissism: the types, recovery issues, correlation with other personality disorders. Perhaps the questions are due to recent incidents of public record, especially in relationship to bigotry. George Simon Jr., PhD is said to be one of the foremost authorities on manipulative personalities and other problem characters. Reportedly he has specialized in disturbances of personality and character for over 30 years. Dr. Simon has spoken about the relationship with a person’s character, “specifically, the inherently malignantly narcissistic character of the bigot.” It is one thing to be very self-centered and dismissive of others. It’s another to view others with disdain or even contempt because they are different from you and then treat them differently. He is reported as saying that a pathological degree of grandiosity (i.e., malignant narcissism) is always at the root of bigotry.  More tomorrow. 

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