Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Older Adults and Cognitive or “Thinking” Functions, 5

There is good news. Lead study author, Eileen Graham, said, “These findings provide evidence that it is possible for older adults to live with the neuropathology associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias while maintaining relatively healthy levels of cognitive function.” Study authors also pointed out that since it is possible for personality to change, both volitionally and through interventions, it’s possible that personality could be used to identify those who are at risk and implement early interventions to help optimize function throughout old age. Personality and other factors that promote cognitive resilience may be particularly important in the context of stress (like the COVID-19 pandemic) and this is an important area of future research,” according to Graham. It behooves individuals to evaluate their level of anxiety, worry, and moodiness, and take steps—obtaining help as needed—to reduce these “energy eaters.” Of course, “sooner” is better than “later” as “prevention always beats cure.” Start now to develop the type of personality that is linked with a higher risk of maintaining good cognitive function. Dump anxiety/worry and moodiness!

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