Friday, April 30, 2021

Recognizing NPD

Do you have any tips for recognizing NPD quickly?

 You can only know what you know, therefore, learning what to look for and recognizing patterns of behavior quickly can help you protect yourself and/or get help if you recognize the symptoms in yourself. Self-esteem is compromised in NPD, so in order to feel adequate these brains need to find others as incompetent and put them down (e.g., complain, criticize, gossip, show contempt). There is a lack compassion for others because they don’t recognize their own mistakes. In fact, to be okay they often try to believe they do not make mistakes. Typically they do everything in their power to avoid being held accountable. It is so much easier to blame, trying to displace some of their discomfort onto someone else. They often do try to put themselves in the spotlight, regardless of whether or not they have honed skills to warrant that type of recognition. They can be encouraged to continue to hone their skills without being told they are better than everyone else and more important and special than everyone else.

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