Thursday, April 1, 2021

Older Adults and Cognitive or “Thinking” Functions, 2

Third, anxiety disorders—worry is a synonym for anxiety—are said to be the most common mental disorders on Planet Earth, affecting 1 in every 13 persons worldwide. Just think, if there are 7 billion people living on planet earth, 538,461,538 will experience an anxiety disorder each year. That number represents the combined total of individuals who live in the United States of America, United Mexican States, Canada, and Iraq combined. Anxiety and worry are typically linked with the emotion of fear. Feeling scared or frightened is in some way part of each anxiety disorder. Anxiety and worry keep people awake at night, allowing them to lose sleep. Loss of sleep is a risk factor not only for a shorted lifespan but for decreased memory and thinking functions. Moodiness is also linked with eventual thinking and memory problems.
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